OUSA Collective

#Illustration #socialchange #artivism
Ana Filipa Maceira
Irem Kurt

OUSA is an intersectional digital platform for marginalised and migrant perspectives. We raise awareness of inequity and discrimination by creating new forms of collaboration and sparking creative exchange. OUSA is welcome to everyone with a respectful, open and creative mind.

What will you be working on during the fellowship?

During the fellowship we will build a digital creative hub consisting of a website with three main areas. The first is a co-created community space that operates as a creative think tank. The second is a digital gallery that showcases the work of under-represented artists and illustrators. The third is an online magazine for expression and debate within the OUSA community.

Your Vision: to what future do you aspire?

We aspire towards a future characterised by equality and justice. The art scene is predominated by white, cis men and women. At OUSA we have created a digital counterweight that strengthens allyships, makes space for marginalised communities and voices, raises social issues for discussion and debate, and encourages artistic collaborations. We believe that the combination of technology and the visual arts can spread awareness online and beyond.

Tell us about yourselves. What motivates you?

Irem Kurt is a German-Turkish UI/UX designer and illustrator who previously worked for START-Siftung and has run art workshops for young immigrants and young people with a background of migration. Ana Maceira is a Portuguese architect and illustrator who worked with Ateliermob on housing for marginalised communities before immigrating to Germany. Together, we are motivated to reclaim narratives which we see wrongly covered in the media, and to make space for other migrant illustrators and art researchers to share their perspectives and work.