Algorithms of Late Capitalism: the card game

#AI #Game #VisionaryFiction
Karla Zavala Barreda
Adriaan Odendaal

Our project is a community co-designed critical card game that induces players to reflect on the absurdities of our technological present and imagine futures that are more fair.

What will you be working on during the fellowship?

We will design and develop the card game, Algorithms of Late Capitalism. The first step will be to create a framework for the co-design workshops, which will incorporate speculative ideation tools and methods, critical game design methodology, and theories from digital-feminism and post-colonialism. Following this, we will conduct these workshops and play-sessions with diverse communities, practitioners and technologists which will lead to the card game’s creation.

Your vision: To what future do you aspire?

We aspire towards a future where the design of technology is not just about technical expertise but includes perspectives from those traditionally excluded from the process – for example queer, indigenous and immigrant individuals and communities. In this future, technology will cease being a means to exercise control, and instead become inclusive, fair and community-centered. This card game is a low-barrier way to create space for discussion amongst a non-expert public, and get them involved in imagining alternative technological futures and presents.

Tell us about yourselves. What motivates you?

internet teapot is a two-person collaboration focused on digital culture and critical design. We believe design can foster critical reflection and social transformation. Our past projects include Unveiling Interfaces, an algorithmic literacy board game about social media biases and injustices; the Algorithms of Late-Capitalism blog and co-created zine workshops that reflect on socio-cultural issues of tech; and Sound Souvenirs, a speculative project about the neo-materiality of digital archives.